Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

No matter how well you care for your teeth, you may still be suffering from gum disease also known as Periodontitis. Painless and slow-growing, gum disease is still a serious condition that sometimes requires aggressive treatment. After a comprehensive periodontal screening, if gum disease is present, Dr Spencer may recommend non-surgical gum therapy. If left untreated this can lead to the destruction of bone around the teeth resulting in loosening and possible subsequent loss of the teeth.

Non-surgical gum disease treatment may involve root-planning or what some refer to as a "deep cleaning".  This can be done in our office, and you may be given local anesthesia to keep you more comfortable.  With gum disease it is something that will need to be assessed properly to ensure you are receiving proper care. Gum disease can sometimes be a genetic condition making it tougher to manage. Smoking and diabetes are also known contributing factors to the risk of developing gum disease which affects other aspects of your health such as risk for heart disease .  

If the gum disease treatment is not sufficiently addressing your gum disease, Dr Chapman may make a referral to a periodontist, who would be able to surgically remove the diseased tissue so that proper healing could occur.